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How to disable the brake senser

Author:Dongguan Enfitnix Technology Co. Ltd. Click: Time:2023-03-01 10:08:09

Instruction to disable the Brake sensor for Enfitnix tail light

(For CubeliteII,CubeliteIII,XliteET only production data after Jan 2023)

Step1: Turn on the light in manual mode

Step2: Leave the tail light on the desk vetically for longer than 5second as below. Make sure there is no movement or vibration at all.

Step3: Double click the button(so the light should work in Auto mode). The brake sensing should be disabled. 

Step4: Put the light back on the bike and test if there is brake sensing. If not, retry Step1~3. 

If the brake function is disable you can now double click to exit the Auto mode if need.

To  turn the brake sensor back on , press the button for over 6sec to reset the light. So, the brake sensor should be able to turn on again.


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