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Shocking! Fake Xlite100 Alert.

Author:Dongguan Enfitnix Technology Co. Ltd. Click: Time:2020-12-01 00:40:42

We received multiple reports of fake Xlite100 are being sell on the market. Further investigation shows that the cheap copy is built at low quality components. Let share what we’ve found.

First of all, the package is exactly the same as the original package. However, if you see two labels ("Saddle fit" and "Seat post mount on one package. It is 100% fake product. We never produce XLite100 with both mount in one pack!  Also, they usually use labels to cover our company name and Trademark as below:

The fake one use recycle material for the len so it looks less transparent. 

The button on the fake one looks ugly. 

Cheap components has been use on the fake product 

The battery size of fake product only has a about 2/3 as that used in the original product.



If you have any doubt or need help, please contact our customer service: ECS@enfitnix.com. 

If you unable to purchase out product on your local shops. We recommand to purchase it on our official store below: 



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